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Longest Run Yet – 14 miles

Today I was laying down on the bed thinking about taking a nap and decided that I should really get in a distance run this week since I haven’t put in many miles this week and decided I would try to map out a 14 mile course.

I have been running a decent number of 5k’s over the last two summers since I moved to Rochester. I hadn’t been working out much over the winter so it was really time to get in shape if I wanted to be in race condition by the time the corporate challenge hits. I ended up going out and was surprised how nice the weather was. ┬áThe run itself felt good for the majority of the distance, although I think i finally have hit a distance where I will need to put out some water on the course as I was feeling pretty dehydrated over the last couple of miles.

It will be interesting to see if I can make it to the pick up football game tomorrow at 11am.

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